Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi S.r.l.

Established: 1937

Number of Professional Staff: 35+

European Validation RWS European validation agent in Italy, San Marino and Switzerland/Liechtenstein
Direct Filing RWS Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Italy

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi was established in 1937 and has been managed by Avv. Carlo Fiammenghi and Dott.ssa Delfina Domenighetti since 1966. Now, Avv. Alessandro Fiammenghi, Avv. Eva Fiammenghi and Dott. Pietro Fiammenghi operate the business with passion and professionalism.

Fiammenghi – Fiammenghi provides assistance for every step of a patent’s life: from preparation and filing of applications, through translations, to dealing with litigation, counterfeit cases and license agreements.

The headquarters are based in Rome with two other offices in Naples (Nola) and Lugano, Switzerland. The firm is experienced in a variety of patent areas and specializes particularly in mechanics, electronics, information technology, chemistry, pharmaceutical and biological patents as well as trademarks and designs.


• Biotechnology
• Chemical Science
• Electrical
• Information Technology
• Mechanical
• Pharmaceutical

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Via delle Quattro Fontane 31,
00184 Roma,