Filing Requirements

Filing Type: National Phase Entry PCT National Phase Entry
Deadline: 30 months*
Power of Attorney: Yes
Assignments: No
Language: English
Translation Extension: N/A
Excess Claims Fee: Yes**
Examination Request: Optional at filing or deferred
Country Notes: * 31 months with extension.

** Excess claims fee: PHP 363.60 per claim over 5. An amendment to reduce the claims may be submitted.

Filing Requirements

Filing Type: Direct Filing Direct Filing
Deadline: 12 months
Power of Attorney: Yes*
Assignments: No
Language: English
Excess Claims Fee: Yes**
Examination Request: Deferred
Country Notes: * Legalization or notarization is NOT required. Must be filed within two months from receipt of Office Action requiring submission of the same.

** Excess claims fee: PHP 363.60 per claim over 5. An amendment to reduce the claims may be submitted.

• A certified copy of the Priority Document is required at time of filing, along with its simple English translation (in case of non-English language). Late filing of the application is possible within six months from the date of filing the application but will result in a late fee, invoiced by the agent.

• All English translations for non-English specifications are due at the time of filing, or late fees may be incurred.

Law Firm of E.B. Astudillo & Associates

Established: 1984

Number of Professional Staff: 20

National Phase Entry RWS PCT agent in Philippines
Direct Filing RWS Direct (Paris Convention) agent in Philippines

The Law Firm of E.B. Astudillo & Associates is one of the largest patent practice firms in the Philippines. The firm represents and prosecutes patent cases for a host of major multinational companies and has been consistently ranked as the top patent filer, with the largest number of patents granted each year.

The firm conducts searches and provides expert opinions on patentability, patent availability, patent validity and enforceability and infringement issues. It drafts, prepares and prosecutes patent applications and obtains hundreds of quality patents for its clients. Through the firm’s extensive annuity services, it maintains patent and industrial designs for thousands of patent holders. With its examination experience and understanding of the rules and regulations of the Philippines Intellectual Property Office, it is one of the top patent law firms in the country.


• Agriculture
• Biotechnology
• Chemical & Life Science
• Electrical
• Immunology
• Mechanical and Technology
• Personal Care
• Pharmaceutical
• Polymer Technology
• Veterinary

Contact Information


P.O. Box 2188,
Makati Central Post Office,
Makati City,
Metro Manila,1261,


Citibank Center, 10th Floor,
8741 Paseo De Roxas,
Makati City,
Metro Manila, 1200,